Workout Supplements: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best advice to give someone just starting to take workout supplements?

Workout Supplements | Questions & Answers

The word supplement means “in addition to”. Workout supplements do not take the place of hard work or a proper nutritional diet. Supplements are used in addition to these things to help support one’s goals. Always start off with the basics – a great place to start is protein powder. By starting slow and adding one supplement at a time, you can more easily identify which supplements are helping you, and the effects they are having.

Which workout supplements do I start with?

It can be very confusing when making your first supplement purchase. Do not be fooled by clever marketing, false advertising, or uneducated, commission-based staff members at many local supplement stores. For beginners, it is recommended to start with a protein powder and work your way from there towards creatine, pre-workout supplements and post-workout recovery supplements.

Workout Supplements & Protein Powders

Is protein powder better than protein in food?

Remember that supplements are meant to do just that, “supplement” your existing workout and diet. While it is definitely not encouraged to source all your protein from a tub of powder, it can make for a healthy meal replacement in a pinch. Whey protein powder is highly convenient, offers immune-boosting benefits, and can be digested rapidly post-workout.

Can I eat and take my workout supplements at the same time?

The best answer to this question depends on what you are taking. Take a look at the label to see if it advises against it. As a general rule, vitamins are the workout supplements best taken with a meal and everything else is situational.

Are workout supplements only for bodybuilders?

Although bodybuilders and weightlifters aim to build strength and muscle, many others could also benefit from workout supplements. For example, endurance athletes who train heavy for a long duration require more protein simply because their energy needs are so high. They could also benefit from a lactic acid-suppressing supplement such as beta alanine.

How much protein powder do I take?

On average, you should shoot for about 30-40g of protein per meal. How much protein a body can absorb depends on the individual and what they have eaten prior to that meal.

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